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Dubai Club for People of Determination is ready to launch the summer activity for 2020 .

2020-07-27 13:39:14

Dubai Club for People of Determination announced the launching of activities of the summer activity virtually through the Microsoft Teams and Zoom platform in order to preserve the safety of the participating members, and the activity comes under the slogan: “To the summit, people of determination”, during the period from 5 to 23 July, with the participation of approximately 170 members of the club.

Sports, cultural, recreational and educational activities will be distinguished this year that will serve all aspects of creativity and innovation among the participants. And work to enhance the spirit of loyalty, patriotism, giving, and the spirit of challenge they have to achieve excellence and success, in addition to providing various programs between entertainment, pleasure and scientific benefit, through the activities that will be implemented and work to train people of determination to bear responsibility and voluntary social participation.

Activities include training courses, art, awareness workshops, educational plays, learning to cook, the manufacture of perfumes, various scientific experiences, storytelling, Holy Quran memorization, drawing, taekwondo and fitness and many competitions.

Also, this year, given the current conditions, virtual flights were added, which came at the request of the people of determination themselves. The trips are divided into foreign countries such as Norway, Sri Lanka, the Arctic and Taj Mahal - India and the pilgrimage.

And domestic such as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Museum, Dubai Frame, Shandagha Museum and Union Museum.

Mrs. Fawzia Al-Balushi expressed her complete readiness to start the summer activity, which is distinguished by the display method, culminating in the creativity of activities and events that will be enjoyed by people of determination, hoping that the activity will reach its aims and culminate in the benefit and enjoyment of the club members.

It is worth noting that the activities serve all the physical, intellectual, hearing and visual impairments of males and females.

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Established in 1993, Dubai Club for People of Determination named “Best Club” in 2013 within Dubai Sports Excellence Awards sponsored by Dubai Sports Council. Dubai Club for People of Determination aims to rehabilitate the people of determination both physically and mentally to play their developmental role in the community in sports, cultural and social fields. The Club spared no efforts to devote all available capabilities to members depending on their disabilities

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