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We were honored by the historical visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, during the IPC Powerlifting World Championships in April 2014. In such event, we have broken all the records, be it the number of participant countries, athletes and even female participants as well as the records broken by the weightlifters champions of the Powerlifting World Championships in the pearl of the world, Dubai City in United Arab Emirates.

During His Highness tour during the championship to observe the tireless efforts exerted by the organizers to demonstrate the brilliance organization, preparation and implementation skills of the UAE people, His Highness was briefed on a smart application that allows guests to grasp all information related to Dubai in terms of economy, tourism, sports and culture. The guests can carry such application to their homeland and communicate, from there, with different institutions among Dubai. His Highness comment was magnificent and motivating as His Highness said,
“You have already advanced everyone with such smart application”.

This statement has motivated us to develop more of such smart applications in all sports related aspects, as well as social and cultural affairs of the club to be incorporated within the continuous and none stoppable Dubai Smart System, because innovation and intelligence must coexist the advancement of life.

We are launching our newly developed website, in such a way to meet all requirements and we are looking forward for future updates to be applied immediately. It is an inevitable journey that has started and will continue to survive.

We extend our thanks to everyone who contributed with an idea, a word or even an opinion to develop the website so that it reflects our happiness, optimism and looking forward for more events and accomplishments.

Thani Juma Berregad

Established in 1993, Dubai Club for People of Determination named “Best Club” in 2013 within Dubai Sports Excellence Awards sponsored by Dubai Sports Council. Dubai Club for People of Determination aims to rehabilitate the people of determination both physically and mentally to play their developmental role in the community in sports, cultural and social fields. The Club spared no efforts to devote all available capabilities to members depending on their disabilities

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