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In order to continue our excellence and reserve international, continental and regional achievements, we look to the future with continues innovative ideas to promote creativity and excellence so that the Club, and its members, continue as a symbol of giving that overcomes all difficulties and barriers, and to be a model to whoever wishes to utilize his creativity and excellence to reach higher levels in determination. This is our true message to our beloved society proceeding with clear vision to provide best services to the disabled and encourage them to be active members in society. For more than two decades, Dubai Club for The Disabled was able to realize many achievements in many international, continental and regional forums. The Club’s march towards excellence continues thanks to financial and moral support of Their Highnesses and wise leadership. The Club spares no effort to provide all capabilities available for members with different disabilities trough provision of various sports for more than 350 male and female members suit their abilities and preferences including athletics, powerlifting, archery, chess, table tennis, boccia, bocce, basketball, handball, equestrian, badminton, bowling and swimming. Additionally, the Club membership is available for every body and does not require the athletes to pay any fees or charges, as the Club is keen on participating in all sports competitions both locally and internationally leading the Club athletes, thanks to Allah, to ascend podiums in local and international forums.

- In 2013, the Club came in first place in Club excellence category within Dubai Sports Excellence Awards annually organized by Dubai Sports Council.
- In 2014, the Club hosted Powerlifting World Championship in Dubai to be the first time ever such championship takes place in Arab country since its beginning.
- In 2014, the Club won “cup of his highness the head of state” in both athletics and powerlifting.
- In 2014, the Club organized West Asia Wheelchair Basketball Qualifiers.
- In 2014, the Club organized the First International Boccia Competition; part of Fazza International Competitions for People with Disability.
- Since 2009, the Club has joined Fazza National and International Competitions for People with Disability, which include:
- Fazza National Championships for People with Disability
- Fazza International Athletics Championship
- Fazza International Power lifting Championship
- Fazza International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
- Fazza International Boccia Competition

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Established in 1993, Dubai Club for People of Determination named “Best Club” in 2013 within Dubai Sports Excellence Awards sponsored by Dubai Sports Council. Dubai Club for People of Determination aims to rehabilitate the people of determination both physically and mentally to play their developmental role in the community in sports, cultural and social fields. The Club spared no efforts to devote all available capabilities to members depending on their disabilities

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